Let's Liberate Diversity

Are you ready for the 13th Let’s Liberate Diversity! Forum?

This year, it will be hosted within the “Sow Your Resistance” international farmer seed gathering.

Save the date and get ready to join us in France!

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The European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity! (ECLLD) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the dynamic management of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.

Our core belief is that the diversification of our food systems can be achieved through the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders involved in cultivated biodiversity.

The Coordination boasts a robust network of 21 members with a network of 170 national organizations operating across 20 European countries with a membership base exceeding 35,000.

In collaboration with approximately 15,000 farmers, we actively engage in the conservation and management of around 40,000 plant varieties.

ECLLD Members map

Where we are 

We want to bring diversity back in our food system!

Countries across all the Europan Region

Staff and volunteers

Organisations part of the network

Varietes maintend and managed by the network

Individual Members

Farmers and gardeners involved in dynamic management of cultivated biodiversity

What we do

As an influential platform, EC-LLD! serves as a unique space for facilitating the exchange of practices and information among farmers, seed savers, NGO members, and emerging small enterprises, fostering local actions on agrobiodiversity and promoting participatory dialogues.

Our proven expertise extends to our participation in projects funded by Horizon Europe, Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020. Furthermore, we have established successful collaborations with a diverse range of foundations and academic institutions.

Our work span across the 3 following areas



Capacity building and knowledge sharing  regarding agrobiodiversity, seed policies and legislastion.

Communities seed banks

Communities seed banks

Training, support and management across Europe.



Facilitating peer to peer exchange of practices and information between different actors.


Featured project

The SEEDING EU project reinforce the capacity of associations and individuals working to conserve and increase seed diversity to understand and monitor the public policies that impact the conservation and use of seeds. In the context of this project we produced a Guide to EU Seed Policy


Have a look at the guide here!Find more about our other projects here!


OAN logo

The Organic Advice Network

A new initiative was launched in the spring 2024 as part of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and aligned to its target of achieving 25% organic farmland by 2030. The project aims to address the urgent need for skilled advisors in organic farming by creating and...


PGR management in farmers seed network in Europe and China

EC-LLD recently participated in an online event hosted by Pro Specie Rara, one of our members, to welcome a Chinese delegation at their headquarters in Switzerland. This was a significant step in our ongoing efforts to strengthen international collaboration and exchange knowledge on biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

Seed Forum

Seed diversity in the EU: what is it all about?

Swedish agrobiodiversity activist Sivert Stiernebro has been conducting an educational campaign on the significance of seed diversity for farming and the impact of EU legislation on the availability of diverse seed. Sivert is keen to take his message to a wider audience and looking for local activists to help him share it far and wide.

Seed legislation, seed marketing, advocacy, seed systems, scientific publication, school and seminar, patents

Agrobiodiversity, seed savers, seed networks

Plant breeding, LLD Forum, news from members, news from other organizations


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Legal Watch

The legal watch is realised by the French Farmers’ seeds network, Réseau Semences Paysannes. Informations are related to seeds marketing, intellectual property rights, genetic ressources.
It is presented in French.

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