GenRes Bridge

GenRes Bridge aims to strengthen conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources (GenRes).


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Genetic resources refer to genetic material of plant, animal or microbial origin of actual or potential value, such as a medicinal plant, agricultural crop, tree variety or animal breed.

The project will accelerate collaborative efforts and widen capacities in plant, forest and animal GenRes domains by sharing perspectives, exchanging best practices, harmonizing standards, trainings and sharing resources.

ECLLD partecipated at

‘Sharing perspectives’ workshop // 28-30 Oct 2019, in Tuusula (Helsinki) Finland

The objective of this workshop was to build bridges between different genetic resources communities by bringing together a range of experts, stakeholders and end-users in the field of management of crop, forest and animal genetic resources.

Participants represented the wider biodiversity conservation perspective from Europe and countries in the Mediterranean basin.

The main goal of the workshop was to prepare recommendations for the development of an Integrated Strategy for the conservation and use of crop, forest and animal genetic resources.

Synergies, controversies, overlaps, gaps, bottlenecks and opportunities in and between sectors were identified and discussed as well as the existing roadmaps and recommendations a common Strategy.