To encouragedevelop and promote the dynamic management of cultivated biodiversity on farms and gardens


To encourage, develop and promote the dynamic management of cultivated biodiversity on farms and gardens. 



DYNAVERSITY analyses and describes the actors involved in plant genetic conservation for agriculture in order to suggest management and governance models and to construct new forms of networking. It facilitates exchange and integration of scientific as well as practical knowledge on how to best manage diversity in agriculture and in the entire food chain, restoring evolutionary and adaptation processes.

Community Seed Banks ACADEMY

In the framework of CSBs Academy project, the European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity! conducted a survey. We invited people and organizations to participate in a survey on “Training needs of persons that are managing seed collections” (for example seed archives, seed libraries, maisons de semences, case delle sementi, farmers seed networks) in European Community Seed Banks (CSB)

GenRes Bridge

The project will accelerate collaborative efforts and widen capacities in plant, forest and animal GenRes domains by sharing perspectives, exchanging best practices, harmonizing standards, trainings and sharing resources.