Crop biodiversity: use it or lose it


The lack of variety and increasing uniformity of crops may render food systems unsustainable. FAO estimates 75% of crop diversity was lost between 1900 and 2000 and the State of the World’s Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, predicts that as much as 22 percent of the wild relatives of important food crops will disappear by 2055 because of a changing climate. 

It’s time to Act. 



In today's European panorama the voice and skills of movements for agroecological transition are not heard.  We are THE European network that brings together actors who are so weak, but who have a strong Vision (and seeds) for the agroecological transition and the World of tomorrow. Contribute to keep hope and plant species alive.


As a Member

Our mission is to strengthen and enlarge the European network of organizations, associations, seed savers, seed networks that are involved in cultivated biodiversity.

Sharing practices, knowledge and news.. If you want to be part of this conversation as a Member and stay up to date write to and you will be contacted by our Secretariat!

Collaborate with ECLLD

We like each other, our activities are similar or we can help you cover certain tasks, but we can’t live under the same roof.

So if you like we can design something together but not as Members, but with collaborations or projects!

Internships, grants, stays and final universities work

Find out about the possibility of carrying out projects or stays in collaboration with ECLLD, and send us your proposals and concerns. You can consult our topics in the publications section.

As a volunteer

If you have time and you would like to help or partecipate during the LLD write to us!



As a Member

Being a Member means being part of the conversation and exchange (not only of seeds), and the European Coordination is open to all the organization that share the same values.

Formally the request must be done by:

  • Filling in the following form
  • Sending it back to the Secretariat at
  • The request is forwarded to all ECLLD Members and unless there are any objections at the next General Assembly, the request is approved.
  • The annual membership fee is 50€.

Once you have become a Member of the ECLLD you will be able to

  • Partecipate at the General Assembly (costs are covered by ECLLD)
  • Partecipate at the activities as a Member and receive the news
  • Propose project at your country level or being the host of an LLD / LCD Forum