New genomic techniques passed EU parliament! Press releases from ECVC and FoE

The European Parliament confirmed its support for the deregulation of patented GMOs/NGTs, and opened the door to their dissemination without any traceability through the regulation on seeds marketing

On 24 April 2024, all MEPs voted on two files that are absolutely essential for peasants’ rights on seeds and the future of European agriculture, in particular the GMO-free agricultural sector and peasant agroecology.

In a recent press release, the European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) strongly condemned the European Parliament’s vote in favor of deregulating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) obtained through new genomic techniques (NGTs). Despite unresolved issues such as the extension of patents, violation of the precautionary principle, and lack of essential information from European agencies, the Parliament proceeded with the vote, disregarding concerns raised by peasant organizations and the GMO-free agricultural sector.

The ECVC press release is available here:

Friends of the Earth Europe (FoE) also criticized the decision, highlighting its detrimental effects on food and environmental safety. The approved legislative proposal exempts new GMOs from safety checks and reduces the liability of corporations selling them, undermining the precautionary principle in EU policymaking and leaving a significant gap in regulatory coverage.

The press release from FoE is available here: