Resilient Seed Systems: Shared Action Framework

This 12th edition, hosted at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, in collaboration with the Irish Seed Savers Association (ISSA), was a remarkable convergence of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Held from October 26th to 28th, it brought together over 100 participants who shared a common vision of a diverse and resilient food system. Participants included farmers, breeders, scientists, civil society organizations, and citizens.

The program was rich and diverse, featuring 15 workshops and plenary sessions covering a wide array of topics, ranging from key issues on policy and legislation, including New Breeding Techniques (NBTs), the critical aspects of Seed Marketing Reform, and Farmers’ Rights, to sessions dedicated to Culinary Breeding and Seed Quality. But the forum went beyond intellectual exchanges and workshops. Following the spirit of EC-LLD to serve as a platform to foster exchange and promote action, it provided ample opportunities for networking, collaboration, and relationship building. Attendees had the chance to connect during social dinners and explore firsthand the practical applications of dynamic seed management through field visits and seeds exchange

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food summarised the output of a stakeholders workshop in Mexico and subsequent inputs into a framework for shared action on resilient seed systems.

The framework attempts a definition of resilient seed systems around the following principles:

  • Diverse
  • Complex and dynamic
  • Equitable and right-based
  • Renewable
  • Healthy
  • Interdependent
  • Intergenerational

and provides a brainstorming tool for strategic action at the local, national and global levels along the following dimensions:

  • Policy and advocacy
  • Research and education
  • Platform and alliances
  • Communcation
  • Financing

Read the Shared Action Framework.