Taking action together for a better EU Seed Law

Arche Noah has released the recordings of the workshop Taking action together for a better Seed Law from last November, together with the presentation slides, which contain a useful timeline for action (see post picture). Arche Noah’s advocacy package also contains a position paper on the regulation proposal, highlighting the following issues which impact agrobiodiversity and farmers’ rights:

  • The proposal endangers the remaining diversity of cultivated plants
  • It creates problems for the conservation of fruit diversity
  • It fails in its attempt to make diverse varieties more widely available by creating new regulatory costs
  • It bans imports of seeds from gene banks and of conservation and amateur varieties
  • It fails to prevent the misappropriation of PRM circulated in conservation networks or farmer seed systems
  • It undermines the recently adopted EU Organic Regulation
  • Besides, it fails to implement farmers‘ right to seed
  • It allows firms to make false sustainability claims
  • It also fails to provide sufficient transparency for farmers and gardeners on the seeds they buy

Read more details in the position paper.

Read more on the EU Seed Law on Arche Noah’s website.