Seeds of Europe: a documentary that tells us a lot

The documentary, about 30 minutes in length, aims to give voice to a handful of small-scale artisanal seed growers from different European countries and explore the difficulties they face in preserving and distributing seeds.

The moment is hot, the reform process is coming into its own, and each side is communicating its needs and views.

The documentary was organised and funded by the office of Tilly Metz, Member of the European Parliament for the Greens who is also a Member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and Substitute of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.  

Directed by Lennart Kleinschmidt and Lotta Schwenkert, this short movie gives the floor to artisan seeds producers from Luxembourg, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

As ECLLD, we are proud to have little helped in the background produce an important and truthful testimony that tells a lot about farmers situation, Let’s Liberate Diversity! members and “seeds realities”.

Enjoy your viewing!

Film Screening & discussion at the European Parliament

In addition, a preview was shown in Brussel on November 28 followed by a panel discussion on the revision of the EU seed legislation. We point you to this interesting ARC2020 article for further informations:



Born in Florence, after a three-year degree in Tropical Agricultural Sciences, I obtained my Master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at the University of Florence. Since January 2018 I’m the Secretary and coordinator of the European Coordination Liberate Diversity!, the European network for dynamic agrobiodiversity management on farms and in gardens. Linkedin