Organic Heterogeneous Material: new operators’ tutorial

A new tool has become available on the Organic Farm Knowledge portal produced by Seed4all and Artemisia, which explains the new Organic Heterogeneous Material (OHM) regulations, and indicates how new operators can enter this new and important market to support agrobiodiversity.

OHM is a new category of seeds which can be used in organic farming in the EU, but also for home gardening and of course adopted in conventional farming if desired.

Because OHM is not a variety, or a mix of varieties, Plants Breeders’ Rights (PBR) do not apply to OHM. The new regime for OHM also derogates from the existing EU legislation on the marketing of seeds; therefore, operators do not need to be registered to sell seeds and they can sell OHM belonging to any of the categories covered in the 11 sectoral directives on seed marketing,

Watch the video for all the details: