Let’s raise our forks for diversity!

An international petition to support biodiversity in the fields for fairer and more sustainable food systems needs your support: please sign and share!

The current EU regulations for the marketing of seeds was created in the 60s with a focus on agroindustrial principles, which has led to the centralisation and privatisation of seed production, out of the hand of the farmers and into those of agrochemical companies.

Small, diverse and local farms and food producers, those better suited to address the challenges linked to the changing climate, fail to compete in a landscape of industrialised seed production aimed at monocultures.

That is where this petition comes in. Small, diverse and local farms and food producers need seed that is suited to their smaller scale, local and seasonal context, not seeds that are bred to produce uniform crops that grow best in the artificially uniform conditions created in agroindustrial fields with the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.

Despite revisions over the years, the EU regulations have failed substantially to protect agrobiodiversity and support the rights of farmers to select and produce seeds that is right for their local conditions (known as farmers’ seeds, or even evolving seed populations) and to share it in small quantities and on a local scale.

In the last few years the EU has embarked on a more thorough reform of its seed regulations. As was to be expected, the agroindustrial complex is pushing for stricter rules than those that already underpin their power, which would further their control on seed, and by extension on farming.

In July 2023 the European Commission has published a proposal that threatens the conservation and circulation of crop diversity.

This is the time to act for genuine change. We need seed laws that secure our right to healthy, diverse and tasty food, rules that truly enhance diversity in farmers’ fields and in gardens, supporting local varieties, and respecting the rights of farmer to choose diversity rather than uniformity.

In a changing world, we need as much diversity as possible to adapt and thrive. The new rules, instead would make it unaffordable for those that conserve, breed, share and sell biodiverse seed to keep operating, at a time when we need more, not fewer of these enterprises.

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Public pressure is crucial at this point in the political process, to make sure the responsible politicians hear the voices for diversity loudly and clearly.