ECLLD participation in the 2nd International Congress on Agrobiodiversity

Let's Liberate Diversity! presented an abstract at the 2nd International Congress on Agrobiodiversity. During the "Scientific Symposium session: Integrated Conservation and Use of Agrobiodiversity", ECLLD showed the impact that LLD and LCD events have on the conservation and use of agrobiodiversity to change our seed and food systems

The 2nd International Congress on Agrobiodiversity

Building more sustainable, equitable, and resilient food systems go together with stimulating nature’s positive production. It is about developing agricultural systems that benefit planet Earth and ensure access to safe and nutritious food for all. 

While there is growing recognition of the urgency to transform food systems, we are still far from achieving this goal. Biodiversity loss, climate change, soil degradation, malnutrition, poverty, and food insecurity threaten our planet and humanity’s long-term sustainability and well-being. It is time to rethink how we eat, grow, and store our food. 

The 1st International Congress on Agrobiodiversity, held in New Delhi in 2016, drew scientific evidence about agrobiodiversity’s rational and practical use as an asset for restructuring food systems. Fast-forward five years, the world of 2021 presents a very different scenario. With the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development deadline fast approaching, we are now at a crossroads. 

That is why the 2nd International Congress on Agrobiodiversity builds on the commitments of the Delhi Declaration to present an engaging, inclusive, and pioneering event. It convenes worldwide scientists, Indigenous Peoples, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and policymakers around the virtual roundtable to foster dialogue and collaboration on restoring the balance of land, sea, and air. 

LLD abstract and work done in the framework of #DYNAVERSITY

Let’s Liberate Diversity! presented an abstract entitled “Dynamics and impacts of the on-farm network European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity!” with the intent to highlight the importance of social actors and LLD events in the conservation and use of agrobiodiversity. With great pleasure, the work has been accepted and presented during the session of November 18, 2021 “Scientific Symposium: Integrated Conservation and Use of Agrobiodiversity“.

The session, mainly attended by the scientific community, questioned how to act to safeguard agrobiodiversity and diversify food systems. Below are the purpose and research questions submitted to the Congress by Mathieu Thomas and Selim Louafi (CIRAD), Riccardo Bocci (Rete Semi Rurali), and Matthias Lorimer (ECLLD).

The abstract presented shows the impact and outcomes that the LCD and LLD events had in engaging local stakeholders. The red arrow in figure 1 shows how the organization of an event involves many local actors, and the main EU historical organizations present at the center, are the “network” that organizes and facilitates this process.

This demonstrates the need to involve all stakeholders, including civil society and on-farm networks, within policies and strategies in the difficult challenge we face in the coming years!

Give a look at the abstract!