Welcome aboard!

It is with much gratitude that we announce the entry of 3 new members. Our friends from ARCHE NOAH (Austria), Heritage Seed Library (UK) and KVANN (Norway) have joined the European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity!

ARCHE NOAH is currently housing one of the largest collections of cultivated plants in Europe, already 16,000 members and supporters support this work. The seed archive is located in Schiltern (Austria) and It contains the seeds of around 5,500 rare cultivated plants – including 800 bean, 600 tomato, and 150 pea varieties.

KVANN has a total of 800 Members all over Norway and they share an annual catalogue with more than 100 people offering seeds. More than  600 varieties are shared and now also have an online database.

Heritage Seed Library, established in 1975, works with open pollinated varieties, and has more than 800 varieties of seeds. They are an historical UK reality and support  40-45 seed swap every year around the UK. Is available on-line  the 2020 seed catalogue!

We welcome their communities and hope that our platform will be useful to them in carrying out their, and our, vision / mission for agriculture.