Together with the community for free seed, we made the first open source rye a reality

Recently, OpenSourceSeeds has tried out whether the development of a new variety can be financed with a crowdfunding campaign. With success: the first harvest is expected in 2023.

Developing new crop varieties is often difficult to finance for small organic breeders. At OpenSourceSeeds, we have long been concerned with the question of how society can contribute to the financing of new free varieties. We have already been able to show that many people are quite willing to actively support organic breeding. In a survey 92% of respondents said they would pay more for a product in the supermarket if it meant that new varieties could be financed – which then would be protected as a commons for everyone.

Learn more about our thoughts leading to the ‚rye that belongs to all of us‘, which learnings we take from our campaign and what will happen now.