Policymakers should respect the organic movement’s choice on NGTs

Read more on the organic sector position against NGTs and their appeal to MEPs and Member States to regulate these new GMOs.

At the end of November, IFOAM Organics Europe issued a press release appealing to the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and Member States to respect organic farmers and operators’ choice to not use Novel Genomic Techniques (NGTs) and maintain the ban on the use of NGTs in organic production as laid out in the Commission’s proposal.

Removing the ban of NGTs would be against the position and wishes of the organic sector. Besides, exempting certain NGTs from risk assessment and traceability would not only have important consequences for the organic market, but for the whole food production sector in Europe.

IFOAM statement comes on the back of the resolution, taken at the institution’s general assembly in the summer, to favour a systemic approach to innovation and against the legitimisation of patents on plant and animals (read more), which reiterated the organic sector position paper on breeding techniques published in 2017.

Alongside the appeal, IFOAM released a briefing by the title Sustainability in organic breeding: Improving the entire system or adjusting some genes?

You can read more on the takeaways from the press release on the hidden dangers of NGTs for the EU on the website of the organisation.



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