Series of surveys on forgotten crops – Radiant EU

Within the RADIANT EU project, the organisers of this survey exercise aim to support European policies and strategies that release the full value of neglected or forgotten crops and plant species within the food value chain.

While in fact the current socio-economic system undervalues neglected and forgotten plant species, it could instead contribute to increasing both produced and consumed diversity. The project wants to shape the future of European policies and other policy instruments.

The Delphi process used in this exercise consists of three surveys over a period of six months, each taking 20 minutes to fill. Each survey will build on the previous one, sharing the results of the previous rounds.

In the surveys, you can choose among the following forgotten crop groups based on your expertise:

  • Legume grains (e.g. chickpeas, common beans, lentils),
  • Traditional fruit trees,
  • Underutilised cereals (e.g. barley, wheat or maise landraces),
  • Underutilised leafy greens,
  • Other underutilised horticultural crops (e.g. tomato landraces),
  • Any underutilised crop, without selecting a crop.
All data provided will be secured according to GDPR regulations.
Participation in all three rounds of this Delphi process is crucial. It will directly influence the shaping of EU policies to promote the use of forgotten crops. The organisers e look forward to your valuable input!