Open Letter: Serious concerns about the EU Commission proposal on New Genomic Techniques

Where are we with New Genomic Techniques? State of the art and dates of policy processes in Brussels

On the NGT issue there seems to be a rush at the political level: the Spanish Presidency of the European Council has expressed a willingness to reach a compromise in the Council of Ministers as early as December 10 or 11.

The Parliament’s Agriculture and Rural Development Committee is expected to vote on its opinion in the week of Dec. 11, while in the Environment Committee negotiations to reach compromise positions on the text have already begun, with the intention of reaching a vote on Jan. 11. The final vote, in the full House of Parliament, is not scheduled until a week later, around January 15.
Some of the academic world is also concerned about the NGT issue moving forward. Below is an open letter (English only), signed by more than 70 European scientists and based on scientific evidence, which makes strong criticisms of the proposal.



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