Local food systems to address global risks: from the climate crisis to COVID-19

The report ‘Local food systems to address global risks: from the climate crisis to COVID-19’, is the third report on local food policies by the Red de Ciudades por la Agrocología, and addresses the vulnerabilities and strategies to be implemented in the face of global emergencies, especially climate and health emergencies. These two crises have common structural elements and must therefore be addressed together from a food systems perspective.

The document complements the political commitments promoted by the Red de Ciudades por la Agrocología in 2020 around the Declaration of Valladolid for the promotion of local agri-food systems to address global risks, assumed by around twenty municipal governments on October 1st 2020 on the occasion of the 4th annual meeting of the Red de Ciudades por la Agrocología .

The report will, therefore, form the basis of the work to be carried out by the association throughout 2021 on maximising the role of sustainable and healthy food policies in climate action and the mitigation of new episodes of pandemics related to zoonoses or other aspects of the food system.