Updates from the FAO Treaty about the Art. 6 (sustainable use) and 9 (Farmers’ Rights)

Aug 26, 2020 | LLD On Air


Module objectives

In this workshop will update about the last session of the Governing Body of the FAO Treaty and the outcomes of the two working groups on art. 6 and 9 that worked in 2018 and 2019. This can help CSBs to understand the legal framework about agrobiodiversity and seed-exchanges. Rete Semi Rurali has been working since 2008, as the sole representative of civil society, with the MiPAAF (Italian Ministry of Agriculture) for the implementation of the “Programs for the conservation, characterisation, use and enhancement of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture”, which are part of the national implementation programme of the Treaty FAO ratified by Law No. 101 of 6 April 2004. Since 2017 Riccardo Bocci has been involved in the working groups on sustainable use of PGRFA and Farmers’ Rights within the FAO Treaty framework. He also participated to last session of the Governing Body of the Treaty that was held in Rome in November 2019.MOSTRA MENO

Competences gained through this module

  • The skills of adaptation and problem-solving i.e.:
  • Knowledge of development of CSA scheme worldwide and Europe in particular.
  • Knowledge of the principles and background of the CSA scheme
  • Ability to distinguish between industrial way of agriculture and organic farming
  • Ability to distinguish between CSA model and other distribution schemes.
  • Knowledge of characteristics of an alternative food system.


  •  Lectures 1
  •  Duration: 50:27 minutes
  •  Skill level All level
  •  Language English
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  •  Assessments Self