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No patents on seeds!
No patents on seeds!


May 30 2023


3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Unitary Seed Patents: Implications

The Unitary Patent Convention comes into force on 1 June 2023. The new Unitary Patents will be granted by the European Patent Office as in the past, but they will provide automatic patent protection in 17 EU Member States, including Germany, Austria, and Italy. Infringement proceedings will be heard by a new Unified Patent Court in English, German or French. Besides, the rights of a patent holder and conversely the freedom to operate of plant breeders and farmers will no longer only be determined at the national level, but by the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court combined with national laws.

In the webinar

Unitary Seed Patents – Implications for Plant Breeders, Farmers and Cultivated Plant Diversity

Fulya Batur (IP and seed law expert, Kybele) will present an overview of the changes that the new Unitary Patent system brings in relation to patents on cultivated plants and their seeds. In particular:

  • – Differences between a Unitary Patent and a classical European Patent and a National Patent
  • – Implications of the new Unitary Patent system for plant breeders and farmers who want to work with patent-free seeds
  • – Implications of infringement of a Unitary Patent by plant breeder or farmer
  • – Wider implications in relation to the transparency and democratic accountability of the patent system overall

The webinar is hosted by ARCHE NOAH, a member of the European coalition “No Patents on Seeds!”, with thanks to the kind support of the Gen-ethische Stiftung. The webinar will take place via Zoom and will be held in English (only).

Deadline for registration: 29 May