DYNAmic seed networks for managing European diVERSITY!

In the panorama of the dynamic maintenance of the biodiversity, many actors are involved. The project DYNAVERSITY aims to strengthen bonds and sinergie among farmers, researchers, community of dynamic management of the agro-biodiversity, also looking for an involvement from the side of the consumption. The partnerships involves organizations of Hungary, France, Belgium and Italy. In fact, thanks to the involvement of the European Coordination (EC-LLD), for the FIRST time directly involved in an European project, the action of the project will develop in many more European countries!!!!


Among the principal objectives to strengthen the collaboration among experiences “on-farm” and dynamic conservation. Besides the presence in the partnership of Federparchi, the net of the Italian protected areas, will be an occasion of further reflection on the complexity of the dynamic maintenance of the agro-biodiversity.
The European Coordination (EC-LLD) makes protagonist with a part of project that concerns the mapping of the subjects and the interested parts to European level, to promote new partnerships with the purpose to increase the diffused awareness.

Another tool activated by DYNAVERSITY and facing the involvement of external experiences to the partnership has been the creation of a group of experts, insides and outside to the project, denominated SKEP (sharing knowledge and experience platform) where knowledges and good practices are met. In English skep is literally the straw beehive of the bees, with the arrival of this Spring, let’s pollen! Let’s liberate diversity!


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