Calendar of “One Month of Cereals”


During this year’s events, various activities and projects are combined with opportunities for meetings in the field, surveys for experimentation and participatory improvement activities, in-depth studies and exchange of experiences. Visits to the common “diffuse catalogue field” begin with a meeting dedicated to the associations growing with wheat with many events in which we will join Salvatore Ceccarelli, Stefano Benedettelli, technicians, processors and especially farmers and peasants.

With regard to the progress of activities related to SOLIBAM evolutionary populations, the calendar provides opportunities to visit the four fields of the experiment to assess their adaptive capacity in Sicily, Molise, Tuscany and Piedmont. We would like to underline that this will probably be the last year for these experiments and therefore the last occasion to visit their fields.

A good month of cereals at all! 

Field meetings 

Let’s grow the diversity 20 May – Experimental Station of Graniculture – Biodiversity Day, Caltagirone – CT On the occasion of the first National Biodiversity Day, the Granicoltura Station organizes its annual visit to the experimental wheat and legume fields.
Let’s grow the diversity 21 may – Wheat and legumes, honey plants: the consociations. At La Viola Conversations on cultivation in association with cereals with Salvatore Ceccarelli, Fabio Taffetani, Maria Teresa Lazzaro and Claudio Pozzi. The day takes place at the La Viola farm in Torre San Patrizio, which has been experimenting with its members for years.
Let’s cultivate diversity 26 May – Cultivating Diversity! in Piedmont Visit to the breeding plots of local and old varieties of ASCI Piemonte and bakery tests with flours of different varieties.
Let’s cultivate diversity 29-30 May – Let’s cultivate Diversity! In Sicily Meeting days in the field and surveys on the experiments conducted within the DIVERSIFOOD projects by RSR the staff of Rete Semi Rurali. The visits are organized in collaboration with the association Simenza at the az.agr. Frumentary Lands by Giuseppe Li Rosi with the participation of Stefano Benedettelli and Claudio Pozzi.
Let’s cultivate diversity 1-2 June – Let’s cultivate Diversity! In Molise Visit and surveys on the experimental field Diversifood and at az.agr. Modest Petached. Field breeding camps of evolutionary populations of durum wheat and barley with Salvatore Ceccarelli and Paolo Di Luzio.
Let’s cultivate diversity 8-10 June – Let’s cultivate Diversity! Peppermint – PI A popular meeting place for actors from the new cereal supply chains in the Czech Republic. agr. Biological Floriddia. Deepening on the experimental field that hosts the wheat experiments of the DIVERSIFOOD project and breeding plots of the RSR seed house. Surveys on the experimental plots and a comparison between bakers on the use of flour from evolutionary populations with Isabelle Goldringer, Salvatore Ceccarelli and Stefano Benedettelli.
Let’s cultivate diversity 16 June – Let’s cultivate Diversity! with Virgo Bread, Argelato – BO The meeting is renewed at Podere Santa Croce around the experimental plots. Deepening on cultivation, nutritional and nutraceutical aspects and bread making with the participation of Claudio Pozzi.
Let’s cultivate diversity 17-20 June – The seeds of the future. Let’s cultivate diversity! In Sardinia Some intense days of meetings in the field and in-depth studies on experiments and cultivation of evolutionary populations with Salvatore Ceccarelli and Claudio Pozzi organized by Centro Sperimentale Autosviluppo.
Let’s grow the diversity 9-15 July – Campdigrano and Palio del grano in Caselle in Pittari – SA A week of sharing and insights on rural life and cultivation of wheat and more. On Sunday the traditional appointment of the Palio del Grano in which the districts of Caselle in Pittari compete in a compelling race of hand-harvesting.
June – Cultivate diversity! In Piedmont Visit and survey of the DIVERSIFOOD experimental field of common wheat. More about wheat cultivation with Paola Migliorini, Sandra Spagnolo and Claudio Pozzi.