Seed Marketing Directives / Apr. 2020

Sprouts from Brussel

European Commission Study kick off delayed to Summer 2020

In November 2019, Member States of the European Union have requested the European Commission to conduct a study on the Union’s options to update the existing legislation on the production and marketing of plant reproductive material” (Council decision (EU) 2019/1905). The European Commission (DG SANTE, Plant Health Unit) has started the tender procedure for the preparation of the background report that will feed the study. Due to the exceptional circumstances under which European authorities (as well as organisations and citizens) need to work under right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the study timeframe has recently been pushed back. The data gathering and stakeholder consultation will likely only kick off at the beginning of June 2020, for a duration of six to eight months. As mentioned in the last newsletter, interested stakeholders are invited to signal their interest to be included in the consultation to the relevant European Commission services. However, to be proactive given the limited timeframe, organisations should also prepare informative background documents that highlight the problems encountered vis-à-vis currently applicable seed marketing rules, supported by facts and figures. Such data could then be more easily aggregated into the report of the consultancy.