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RMRM – Belgium-

The Meuse-Rhine-Moselle Network (RMRM) is a platform bringing together stakeholders active in the field of peasant and citizen seeds in the region bounded by the Rhine, Meuse and Moselle (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, North East France and West Germany).

The general objective of the Network is to contribute, through the action of its members, to the safeguarding and promotion of the diversity of useful plants, in particular those used for human consumption, through the maintenance and development of the local diversity of food plants.

The seeds and plants prohibited and promoted by the Network are those resulting from an in situ or ex situ selection, of traditional, local or locally adapted varieties or cultivars, preferably artisanally reproducible and adapted to agro-ecological cultivation methods.

Among its specific objectives, the Network intends to develop and support the cultivation, multiplication, improvement, circulation and varietal creation of seeds of these varieties and their derivatives on local markets.