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Réseau Semences Paysannes

The French Farmers’ Seed Network (created in 2003 brings together a great diversity of collectives and people who preserve framers’ seeds in fields, orchards, vineyards and gardens. In 2015, they are 80 organisations that have come together to promote and defend cultivated biodiversity and the related fields of knowledge:  associations for the development of organic or biodynamic farming, smallholders union, small seed producers, associations which maintain and collect plants (cereals, fruits, vegetables), Regional Natural Park, NGOs working on North/South relations, environmental NGO’s. They are national, regional or local organizations. The RSP and its members are involved in supporting:

  • the consolidation of local initiatives to maintain and renew cultivated biodiversity:  for instance with he « Maisons de la semence paysanne » or on farm seed banks managed by farmers (and sometimes gardeners) to manage seeds collectively, but also to be independent and autonomous from the seed industry; 
  • trainings and exchanges of know-how, re appropriation of farmers’ knowledge on seeds; 
  • legal and scientific recognition of the farmers’ seeds and the farmers’ knowledge and participate to the legal debate on seed issues;
  • campaigns to preserve agrobiodiversity and farmers’ rights; 
  • participatory research projects as participatory plant breeding between researchers and farmers to create new varieties adapted to smallholders, organic or biodynamic agriculture;
  • the development of agro-biodiversity in fields and gardens and on-farm conservation (e.g. collecting, saving and breeding different kind of cereals,f odder, leguminous and maize populations for smallholders and organic farming…);
  • the diffusion of information on crop biodiversity and contribute to the emerging public debate on the importance of crop biodiversity and risks related to GMOs and others patentable biotechnologies.

Contacts for the Réseau Semences Paysannes: 

Emilie Lapprand  (Employee) or Philippe Catinaud (Administrative Council):