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Red de Semillas

The loss of genetic resources in farming and cattle-breeding and the recovery of local varieties were the reasons for creating the “Red de Semillas” network. An organisation of a technical, social and political nature, “Red de Semillas – Re-Sowing and Sharing” aims to bring together the various local projects in Spain and provide instruments for carrying out activities in the field of the preservation and utilisation of agricultural biodiversity, helping to coordinate activities amongst the different members and promoting their participation in national and international projects. The main assets of the Network are the people and the organisations that belong to it. They include farmers and farming organisations, agricultural experts, supporters of responsible consumption and fair trade, local action groups, germplasm banks, university staff and students, ecologist movements, research centres, etc. Work is done via the local networks on the preservation of genetic diversity in their areas through the recovery, conservation, improvement and use of the local agricultural varieties that have been passed down by farmers over the years.The Network’s activities have been, and continue to be, closely related to organic farming and the need for the inclusion within it of the preservation of biodiversity. The Network also aims to help recover the know-how of local farmers regarding growing methods. Long before the RdS was set up, the many groups that belong to it had been working on the preservation of local diversity, and farmers were actively providing materials and participating in exchange networks. In addition, research centres have been carrying out on-site programmes using local materials and producers. Of special interest is the work being done by the La Verde cooperative and the CIFAES.