European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity!



PSR is a foundation with seat in Switzerland and a branch office in Germany. Since its creation in 1982 it is committed to the preservation and promotion of cultural, historical and genetic diversity of cultivated plants and livestock breeds. The preservation is achieved through on-farm / in-garden cultivation through a decentralized network of farms and gardens. The conservation is realized through a large network of over 3’500 volunteers and professional partners. As of today, ProSpecieRara maintains a seed library with 1’600 garden and crop plants, a network of collections of fruit species with over 1’800 varieties of fruit, a network of variety gardens with over 400 berries and 200 varieties of ornamental plants as well as collaborations with 26 breeder organizations to preserve 26 ancestral Swiss breeds. The preservation is coordinated with a specialized database that ProSpecieRara has itself developed. With the work of ProSpecieRara and its partners, access to rare and endangered breeds and species shall be facilitated, thus making the plants and animals available to many people. With guided tours, publications and practical courses people shall be sensitized to the issue and become engaged themselves. To promote agricultural diversity, ProSpecieRara has developed a brand that is available to marketing partners. With this seal of approval, products of varieties and breeds that meet the criteria set forth by the foundation may be traded under that brand. In addition to the products themselves and their collections respectively, gardens as well as variety keepers and cultivators may be awarded with the seal of approval. Free access to genetic resources as the basic requirement for the ongoing promotion of diversity is at the core of the foundation’s commitment. For these reasons ProSpecieRara takes an opposing stand to the tendency of limiting access to genetic resources to purely private commercial interests.