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The European Coordination and Magház, the Hungarian seed savers, invites you to participate in a 3 days of Forum to gather, exchange and learn together about cultivated diversity and dynamic seed management.

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Let's Liberate Diversity
  • We are the European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity! (EC-LLD), an international, non-profit, Belgium-based organisation created in 2012 with the main challenge to encourage, develop and promote the dynamic management of cultivated biodiversity on farms and gardens


  • With us there are 19 Members (from 18 EU countries) that share the same concern that our food systems are too uniform, and promoting biodiversity is the key for achieving food sovereignty


  • After 14 years of cooperation among different partners from different countries, we learned that it is crucial to have a platform promoting exchanges and sharing of experiences/point of views/policies among its members to foster local actions.

  • We apply a farmer-to-farmer (we use “farmer” as an example) approach to training and knowledge sharing. It means facilitating a horizontal way of disseminating knowledge among different actors bearing different knowledge, overcoming the usual top-down approach. Today it could be coined with the word Living Lab.


  • We thus organise each year Let’s Liberate Diversity! Forum where
    • Farmers, researchers and national and international experts take turns holding seminars and meetings sharing innovation and practices.
    • Exhibitions but also real local markets to expose the cultivated biodiversity
    • Exchange of seeds and varieties among farmers, allowing a “contamination” of varieties in the territories ensuring genetic diversity.
    • Involvement of citizens in meetings, workshops and laboratories on agriculture and food issues
  • The main topics we cover are: 
      • Agrobiodiversity and Community Seed Banks
      • Current seed policies and seed legislation
      • Seed and food systems



    • from the 27th to the 29th of october
    • Doors will be open from3pm on Thursday 27th


    In one of the most beautiful buildings of Andrássy út, Magnet Ház offers a diverse and comfortable venue that meets all technical requirements in 14 rooms of different sizes and atmospheres. 

    A place that provides space for programmes, lectures and discussions, focusing on community and social initiatives, sustainability, self-awareness and culture

    But this won’t be the only place! We will visit local farms and universities.
    STAY UPDATED! The official program of the 11th  Let’s Liberate Diversity! Forum will come out soon!


    • In 2005 a European movement was formed with the need to address agrobiodiversity issues
    • We aim to bring back diversity in our food systems in a socially and economically sustainable way through the whole food chain. 
    • We want to link the work of different actors involved, supporting and promoting their knowledge and actions associated to cultivated biodiversity. 
    • We ought to promote exchange between countries and raise awareness among citizens.