Liveseeding Practical Guide Seed Drying & Storage

LiveSeeding publication on seed quality: The Practical Guide for Drying and Storing Vegetable Seeds in Organic Small-Scale and On-Farm Seed Production

Developed within the context of the LiveSeeding project, this guide is a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in seed production.

Seed quality is paramount for successful crop emergence and establishment. The germination rate and vigor of seeds directly impact their ability to withstand environmental stresses and ultimately determine the crop’s performance. However, during storage, seeds naturally age and their quality diminishes due to oxidation. This deterioration process is influenced by factors such as moisture level, oxygen presence, and temperature.

This guide addresses these crucial aspects, offering practical solutions for on-farm drying and storage that save both time and resources. It provides insights on efficient drying methods, maintaining seed dryness during storage, and safeguarding against oxygen exposure.

While it’s well-known that seeds should be properly dried and stored in optimal conditions, practical challenges often hinder these precautions. Whether due to time constraints, resource limitations, or organizational difficulties, many seed producers struggle to implement best practices.

Through real-life examples, case studies, and actionable guidance tailored to specific context and objectives, the practical guide aims to alleviate these challenges empowering small-scale seed enterprises and on-farm producers to overcome obstacles and optimize their seed drying and storage processes.


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