Let’s Cultivate Diversity 2009

Apr 8, 2015 | Let's Cultivate Diversity!

From Grain to Bread – Revival of cereal biodiversity and farmers’ know-how

Between June 23-26, 2009 over 150 farmers, bakers and researchers from 19 countries gathered on the farm of Cécile and Jean-François Berthellot to share their practices around various cereal varieties they grow and transform traditionally.

They had the opportunity to discover a living collection of French landraces enriched with varieties from different countries sent by participants a year earlier. They gathered around multicultural workshops on bread-making and conferences.


For those who want to know more, you can order the book «From Grain to Bread, Let’s Cultivate Diversity», in which you will find information about the diversity of landraces grown and exchange of know-how around on-farm processing (recipes), please send an email to contact (@) A Dvd is also available in French.