European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity!


KVANN (Norwegian Seed Savers) is a national interest organisation for the conservation of plant diversity. We work both to preserve old Norwegian useful plants, but at the same time try new species and varieties in different parts of the country, both from the coast to mountains and from the South to above the Arcitic Circle. This can make us better prepared to face climate change. We focus on climate-friendly local food production towards increased food preparedness. We are, in particular, trying out new perennial vegetables and forest garden plants, especially in the mountains and northern Norway where we believe there are great opportunities for increasing vegetable production. One of the initiatives we are actively working on is the establishment of a network of demonstration and experimental gardens throughout the country (vegetable sanctuaries, Schübeler’s network).

KVANN collaborates with community seed banks and other seed saver organisations around the world. In the Nordic region, we collaborate with the Danish Seed Savers and the Swedish organisation SESAM.

Members share hundreds of different varieties through the association’s annual yearbook and autumn catalogue. We are not a seed business and members are expected to gain knowledge about the plants that they adopt so that they can reproduce and share them in the future (however, support members are also welcome!). The work in KVANN is organised through plant and theme guilds which both manage and quality assure the work.

KVANN is one of the newest seed saver organisations in Europe. The association was formed on October 1, 2016. From its inception, membership grew rapidly with the help of social media and the global vegetable growing trend with over 800 registered members across the country.