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Irish Seed Savers Association -Ireland-

Who We Are

Our main objective is to conserve Ireland’s very special and threatened plant genetic resources.

Our work focuses on the preservation of heirloom and heritage food crop varieties that are suitable for Ireland’s unique growing conditions. 

Irish Seed Savers Association maintains the country’s public seed bank with over 600 non-commercially available varieties of seed. We conserve and grow heritage apple trees and other fruit tree varieties. We run workshops throughout the year on various topics to help inform and teach others how to save seeds and grow their own food and be self-sustainable and to help encourage greater food security for future generations. We Grow, Preserve, Conserve and Share both our seeds, our knowledge and our love for the land. You can find information on our workshops and how to follow us throughout our website.

Conserving our Future

We locate rare varieties of vegetables, soft fruit, flowers, grains, potatoes and apple trees and then conduct research on them in our gardens. We then select varieties which are hardy and suitable for the local climate. This process takes time patience and skill and our subscribers, Friends of Seed Savers and the public are rewarded with tasty and productive varieties to grow at home. 

One of Irish Seed Savers Association’s main aims is to raise public awareness about the vulnerability of Irish agricultural biodiversity to schools and community groups through workshops. We encourage and facilitate liaisons with government departments, universities and gene banks worldwide. As environmental issues come more the forefront in all of our lives, the small efforts of many make a real difference.