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Oct 12 - 18 2020


All Day

XXI Feria Estatal de la Biodiversidad Cultivada

Activities of the XXI State Fair of Cultivated Biodiversity 2020. This year the activities are spread over all the territories.

Here the program!

12 October 2020
12:00h | Is ethics important in seed networks, a case in point in the Basque Country Seed Network’s Code of Ethics
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13 October 2020
17:00h | Training workshop: “Use of cultivated biodiversity in the new regulation for organic production”.
Speaker: To be confirmed
17h00. Workshop presentation (SEAE and Seed Network)
17h10. The novelties of the organic production regulation regarding the use of heterogeneous and organic seedlings. European Commission – Organic Production
17h25. Use of organic seeds in Spain and state database.
17.40 Registration of plant varieties and use of heterogeneous material.
18h00. Discussion and exchange between speakers and participants
19h20. Conclusions and closure
Organizers: SEAE and Seed Network
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17h30-19h00 | The role of women in the preservation of cultivated biodiversity An ecofeminist perspective.
Speaker: Laia Baró Gómez.
Organised by: Llavors d’Ací
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19h00 – 19h45 | Presentation of audiovisuals from the Andalusian Seed Network on cultivated biodiversity.

  1. Why are seed laws a threat to cultivated biodiversity?
  2. Community Seed Banks
  3. The importance of local varieties in sustainable food systems
  4. Characteristics of some local Andalusian varieties
    Organised by: Andalusian Seed Network
    Information and registration: (until 14 October at 11 am)
    15 October 2020
    17h30-18h30 | Urban gardens as elements of conservation of local varieties
    Rapporteur: José Antonio Esteve Roch
    Organised by: Llavors d’Ací
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    18h00-19h30 | Round table: “Traditional varieties of wheat, recovering quality in the field and at the table”.
    Speaker: Researchers from the Pablo de Olavide University, Andalusian Seed Network, María decima Oven and Spiga Negra
    Why is local wheat recovery work necessary?
    Results of trials of traditional Andalusian varieties: production and grain quality
    Experience in recovering traditional varieties.
    Making bread and pasta with traditional wheat varieties.
    Funding: UPO, Andalusian Regional Government and ERDF.
    In collaboration with: Andalusian Seed Network
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    16 October 2020
    16h00-17h30 | Local fruit varieties and their role in the agricultural landscape
    Speaker: Pau Agost Andreu
    Organised by: Llavors d’Ací
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    17 October 2020
    9h00-14h00 | Experiences of school hours and local varieties
    Organised by: Associació de Varietats Locals
    9-9,30 h. Welcome and introduction of local varieties to the schools. The experience of the Associació de Varietats Locals de Mallorca.
    9,30-10,30 h. Let’s plan! David Segales Masmitja, master of primary education and environmental educator. (Centre of Pedagogical Resources of Osona) Vic, Catalonia.
    10,30-11,30 h. Biodiversity, recovery and cultivation of local varieties in the garden of the schoolJoana Casals Costa. (Terra Nostra School) Olost. Catalonia.
    11,30-12 h. Download
    12-12,30 h. The bank of keys of l’Urgell. Mariana Viada Sauleda. (CEIP l’Urgell) Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Eivissa.
    12,30-13 h. Practical experiences of environmental education in schools of the Valencian Country. Laia Baró Gómez, Member of the Associació Connecta Natura and co-coordinator of the training group of Llavors d’Ací. Valencian Country.
    13-13,30 h. Valencian agro-ecology from the woods. The experience of CEIP Verge del Carme. L’Eliana (Valencia). Joana Vicente de Bobes. Horta i Salut.
    13,30-14 h. Debate on the experiences.
    Information and registration: / 693066858