Fondazione ACRA


Fondazione ACRA

ACRA is a Milan-based non-governmental organization, engaged for over 50 years in the fight against poverty and in international cooperation on: food, education, water, energy and environment. In Europe and in Italy it fosters a culture of dialogue, integration, intercultural exchange and solidarity. For more than 30 years it has been implementing projects, initiatives and workshops on Active and Global Citizenship Education.

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Food Wave project
Magnet Ház


Magnet Ház


Oct 28 2022


11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Scaling up biodiversity: how to make sustainable diets mainstream

This workshop is part of of the 11th Let’s Liberate Diversity! Forum!
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The low impact food option is still far away from being affordable, accessible and appealing to many.

Collective efforts to upscale the effects of climate-friendly diets can’t indulge in niche markets and local initiatives only, but should rather engage in dialogue with mainstream channels and big political and economic players in (global) food systems.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss current trends and loopholes in European food policies, with a specific focus on their effect on consumers’ behaviors and the role of civil society in addressing the reality of economic, social and educational barriers that low income citizens face to choose a “sustainable” and “biodiverse” diet.

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