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Wageningen University and Research




Apr 04 – 05 2023


All Day

LiveSeeding Trainers Training: Seed Harvesting, Drying, Storage

Given the importance of seed quality to seedling development and therefore to resilient and productive cropping systems, the EU project LiveSeeding project is going to organises a series of trainers’ training modules for project partners, so they can then develop their own regional training for local seed producers.

The first module, held at Waningen University and Research in April 2023, will be on the theme: Seed harvesting, drying and storage. The training is ONLY for LiveSeeding partners and the participants’ number is limited to 12, several LLD members will be present in order to bring practices at national level.

The two-day training is meant to improve the understanding of the effect of seed handling and storage conditions on seed quality. The sessions include a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises, explaining:

  • the best moment to harvest seeds
  • methods for seed drying
  • avoiding/reducing loss of quality during drying and storage
  • measuring seed moisture levels
  • seed packaging
  • testing seed quality

and is applicable to both vegetable and arable crops, to on-farm seed production and contract seed multiplication. Teaching materials will be made available that can be used for the development of regional training.

Trainers: Steven Groot and Jan Kodde