Milan Urban Food Policy Pact


Milan Urban Food Policy Pact


MATE university campus


Oct 29 2022


10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Cultivated biodiversity in urban food systems with MUFPP

This workshop is part of of the 11th Let’s Liberate Diversity! Forum!
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Cultivated biodiversity in urban food systems: collecting proposals for the MUFPP and local governments

After sharing the general elements and the context of MUFPP development, we will present some key aspects relevant to the LLD forum topics and a background with the novelties that emerged at the MUFPP 8th Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro concerning agrobiodiversity practices at urban level.

The presentations will be followed by a “Words Café” where facilitators will gather suggestions on potential axes of action and promote best practices related to diversifying food systems at the urban level starting  from seed. The recommendation a-raised from the groups will be helpful to build one or more scenarios for local authorities to promote sustainable local food systems through actions based on food policies. 

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