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The Greek Network for Biodiversity and Ecology in Agriculture named AEGILOPS has evolved from Workshop of Ecological Practice, an NGO for ecological farming, which was based and active in Thessaloniki from 1986 to 2000. AEGILOPS, founded in 2004, is an non-profit NGO located in Volos, Greece. The focus of our mission is to preserve agrobiodiversity and enhance organic agriculture .AEGILOPS deals with on-farm conservation of local  andraces and has adopted participatory processes with producers for the evaluation and selection of these local varieties (mainly cereals, pulses, vegetable varieties and also local fruits).

Our organisation’s goals are:
a. To conserve heritage varieties and traditional agricultural knowledge and to restore landrace varieties into contemporary agricultural practice in ways that benefit community.
b. to develop plant varieties adapted to local organic production which utilize the benefits of locally adapted genetic resources for ecological agriculture, and
c. to strengthen the role of the farmers in the conservation of genetic resources as well as to protect their rights in taking part in the management and benefits of agrobiodiversity.

AEGILOPS have set up Focal Points in many regions of the country conducting participatory breeding, training (Seed Schools), farmers’ group coordination and elaborating food chain synergies.
Strengthening of local seed supply systems means ensure seed security and food self- sufficiency at community level. AEGILOPS’ activities are also aiming to establish seed conservancies and nurseries organized by and accessible to peasants in various regions of the country. The priority to farmers, as members of the network, stems from the conclusion that conservation, preservation and sustainability are directly related to appropriate use.

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