Cultivating Communities

Cultivating Communities Engagement for Food and Seed Systems Transformation in Europe!


The overarching goal of this project is to strengthen the European Coordination – Let’s Liberate Diversity (EC-LLD) network into a more sustainable, relevant and influential platform through a strengthened network, heightened visibility, and empowered participation and engagement.


Expected Outcomes

– Strengthening Network Dynamics: Establishing dynamic spaces for collaboration, learning, and coordinated actions through carefully curated events, fostering active participation, and valuing diverse voices, especially those of local and smaller organizations.

– Amplifying Voices: Developing and implementing a communication plan to spotlight the achievements of EC-LLD and its members, targeting promotion and outreach efforts to amplify the voices of smaller organizations on the European stage.

– Establishing Specialized Platforms: Creating focused working groups for specialized topics such as food and seed policies,, serving as platforms for in-depth discussions, information exchange, and coordinated actions supporting national capacity building. 

– Organizational Strengthening: Developing a robust management structure, internal regulations, and a strategic document to streamline operations, enhance organizational effectiveness, and guide the organization towards sustained growth and impact

Through active participation, engagement, and a participatory process, the project aspires to cultivate a dynamic network where diverse voices, particularly those of smaller organizations, working at local level actively shape the future of global food systems.

Project Focus 

Objective 1 – Events, Participation, and Exchanges: Creating Spaces for Exchange, Learning, and Actions

The focus is on establishing dynamic spaces that encourage collaboration, learning, innovation, and coordinated actions using a Living Labs approach and other facilitation approaches. Carefully curated events, organized in collaboration with members, will foster an environment that promotes active participation, ensuring diverse voices, especially those of smaller organizations, are heard and valued. This objective is designed to enhance the collective strength of our network and contribute to expanding and diversifying its social base.

Objective 2 – Communication and Promotion: Raising the Profile of EC-LLD and its Members and Amplifying their Voices

The approach involves developing and implementing a communication plan to spotlight the achievements and initiatives of EC-LLD and its members. Through targeted promotion and outreach efforts, the objective is to amplify the voices of smaller organizations on the European stage. By enhancing visibility, we also aim to attract potential members and collaborators, ultimately creating a robust and influential community.

Objective 3 – Platforms for Discussions and Actions: Establishing and Strengthening Working Groups on Specialized Topics

Focused working groups will be established or strengthened to deepen knowledge and foster collaborative efforts on specific topics, such as associative life (Core working group), seed policy, practices in seed management, and resource mobilization. These groups will serve as platforms for in-depth discussions, facilitating information exchange, capacity building, and coordinating actions. Continuous learning opportunities will ensure that our members stay updated on relevant developments in their respective fields.

Objective 4 – Strategy, Management, and Administration: Developing Appropriate Management Structure and Processes for sustainability

The approach includes the development of a robust management structure to streamline operations and enhance organizational effectiveness and sustainability. Internal regulations will be established to govern processes, ensuring transparency and accountability. Additionally, a strategic document developed through a participatory process will guide our organization towards sustained growth and impact, outlining overarching goals and setting the course for our collective journey.

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