Calendar of "One Month of Cereals"


During this year's events, various activities and projects are combined with opportunities for meetings in the field, surveys for experimentation and participatory improvement activities, in-depth studies and exchange of experiences. Visits to the common "diffuse catalogue field" begin with a meeting dedicated to the associations growing with wheat with many events in which we will join Salvatore Ceccarelli, Stefano Benedettelli, technicians, processors and especially farmers and peasants.

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An overseas look! Seeds of the people

Seeds of the People
 On April 17, as part of the World Day of Peasant Struggles, we shared an audiovisual series on the Venezuelan Seed Law. Built on the basis of the constituent debate, this law constitutes a popular action plan for food sovereignty and the conservation of agrobiodiversity. The innovative content of this law has been recognized by more than 200 social movements, researchers and academics from 28 countries

DYNAmic seed networks for managing European diVERSITY!

In the panorama of the dynamic maintenance of the biodiversity, many actors are involved. The project DYNAVERSITY aims to strengthen bonds and sinergie among farmers, researchers, community of dynamic management of the agro-biodiversity, also looking for an involvement from the side of the consumption. The partnerships involves organizations of Hungary, France, Belgium and Italy. In fact, thanks to the involvement of the European Coordination (EC-LLD), for the FIRST time directly involved in an European project, the action of the project will develop in many more European countries!!!!

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