In the framework of the Community Seed Banks Academy project, let's support the first seed-saving training in Poland for community leaders and educators as well as the pilot Community Seed Home!


We have 6 days left to raise 700Euro to supplement the grant we got from CSBa.

We are on the brink of finishing our community crowdfunding campaign that lasted 30 days and we have 60% of total 2000Euro (8000PLN) already raised through Polish networks - 40% of our goal still to raise. Any contributions - small amounts of 5 or 10 Euro and bigger ones will really do a lot for us now.


🙌🌱Please SUPPORT US! 🌱 🙌


You can CLICK this CROWDFUNDING link to READ MORE, to DONATE and SHARE with others ( or copy-paste the link )


Thank you for your time and your support, and more information on what we are up to below and through the crowdfunding link. 


Agro-Perma-Lab Team, Seed Project Coordinators -

Joanna Bojczewska, Weronika Koralewska


Why are we doing it? What is Agro-Perma-Lab?
And what is Agro-Perma-Lab SEEDS 2020 project about?


Agro-Perma-Lab developed as the training & knowledge-sharing organisation based in Poland. We integrate political and popular education in Agroecology, Permaculture & Food Sovereignty and this year we are working on developing seed-saving education and skills.

We are the training and educating branch of Nyeleni Polska, the Polish Food Sovereignty Movement. Our methodologies & toolkits serve to connect an intergenerational network of community activists, leaders and educators to grow and multiply ecosystem-based knowledge and solidarity, and strengthen local leadership. 

We are working now on a 3-phase project, supported by a grant from Arche Noah, developing the resources and skills in Poland for the emergence of Community Seed Homes: 
1. research on seed-saving practices by existing seed-savers,
2. training for 20 community seed-saving leaders/educators, and
3. seed-saving guides/video-guides for future initiatives in Poland.

Here are some useful links: 

As we are developing the Seed Project, we are also simultaneously S P R O U T I N G as a registered training CSO, Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation. To continue developing transformative land-based and political education we need to formalise effectively, and this requires additional registration and administration costs at the start. We are a very grassroots initiative and we need support.

Agro-Perma-Lab is a very innovative initiative in Poland, and we are well aware that in the midst of Covid crisis we can count most on the support of like-minded initiatives and people. But we also believe that our work to spread land-based trainings and empower land and food-growing educators is especially critical in the times to come. 

Please join us. We have 6 days left to complete our fundraising goal to be able to fund the formalisation of our project and to add extra money to our Seed Project to make it a real exemplar. 

Please support us to show, we have also international allies and are part of a wider network, this will really help us on a national level, as the topic of seed-saving is still very little known. 

Once again - thank you for your time and support and we hope to have a chance to meet collaborating on one of future trainings. 



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