Dear Friends,

This November 18-22nd we will hold our third 'Seed Week'. During these five days we will celebrate the vital work underway to revive the diversity of organic, open-pollinated seed, build the skills of growers and strengthen local economies in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

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Seeds lie at the heart of our food systems and much of life on Earth.

If we want to enjoy nutritious, healthy food for all in a climate-changed world, we need a food system founded upon a great diversity of seed types. From rice varieties that can germinate and grow in flood conditions, to millet that can flourish in the most severe drought.
Curious? Visit our Seed Sovereignty website to find out more.

With your support, Seed Week 3 can be the best yet. Read on to find out how to participate by spreading the word, buying better seed and learning to produce seed yourselves!