Liberate diversity

2014 London, UK

The EC-LLD organized a workshop during the London Seed Festival.

2013 LLD8 Basel, Switzerland

2013 LLD8 Basel, Switzerland

20th to 22nd September 2013

The eighth edition of this event was organised by ProSpecieRara and partner organizations in Switzerland, including SwissAid, Declaration of Bern, Vogelwarte Sempach, Kleinbauern-Vereinigung Schweiz, Sativa Rhienau AG, IP-Suisse, SAG, etc...

In 2013 the forum devoted special attention to practices - 'from planting to plate' - which contribute to the sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity as outlined in the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (IT PGRFA). Methods addressed in the workshops included internal rules of functioning developed by community-based seed systems and tools for the on-farm management for agricultural biodiversity. An entire day was allocated to the long neglected issue of livestock diversity. Also "on the menu" in this edition were discussions on alternative labels highlighting the added value of foods produced by methods that support agricultural biodiversity, and forms of direct marketing, with examples from Switzerland. The forum's other main focus was on how national and international law affects farmers' efforts to enhance the diversity of local and locally adapted crops, varieties and underutilized species on farms and in gardens. Sessions were devoted to briefings on the latest developments with the IT PGRFA, as well as on intellectual property rights managed by the Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV), and a review of the European legislation on the marketing of seeds. In addition, experience was shared on progressive initiatives, such as attempts to register "seed exchanges" on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage - an area where Switzerland has shown particular commitment.


2012 LLD7 Strathpeffer, Scotland

The seventh edition of the forum was organised by the European Coordination: Let's Liberate Diversity in conjunction with the Scottish Crofting Federation, Heritage Seed Library/Garden Organic, Practical Action and other members of the UK Food Group. The Scottish Crofting Federation hosted this event in conjunction with the Crofters Annual Gathering. 

The forum celebrated Crofters' Seeds and Breeds and we looked at how these contribute to sustainable land use, agricultural biodiversity and the high nature value of the crofting counties. The programme included presentations on Crofting Culture, the Rare Breeds National Action Plan, Running a Heritage Croft, Native Breeds, native crop varieties, a poster exhibition, seed exchange and a film festival. A variety of workshops, including Food Sovereignty, Sustainable Food, Land Tenure, Potato Diversity in Scotland, Farmers Rights and EU legislation on Seeds allowed small farmers from across Europe to discuss common interests.


2011 LLD6 Szeged, Hungary

The 2011 edition of the forum was be held in Szeged, Hungary, during the Hungarian presidency of the European Union. It was organised by Vedegylet, an organisation of political ecology, and the Environmental Social Science Research Group (ESSRG) connected to the Szent Istvan University of Agricultural Sciences. The forum's central theme was the question of Farmers' Rights related to the conservation, sustainable use and development of agricultural biodiversity. The event was attended by some 280 farmers, gardeners, seed artisans, bakers and processors of products derived from agricultural biodiversity, civil society organizations, researchers, breeders and representatives of gene banks as well as local communities implementing initiatives on agricultural biodiversity in Europe.


2010 LLD5 Graz, Austria

Following a short break, the Let's Liberate Diversity! series continued in Graz, Austria, in March 2010. On this occasion the organizers, including Arche Noah and Via Campesina Austria, chose to focus on themes such as reform of European legislation on seeds (Better Regulation process), intellectual property rights, animal biodiversity and initiatives from Central and Eastern Europe.


2008 LLD4 Ascoli Piceno, Italy

In October 2008 the honor of hosting the next edition of Let's Liberate Diversity! fell to Italy. Organized by the Rete Semi Rurali in collaboration with the European organizing committee created in Halle, the forum was held in Ascoli in the Marche region. Farmers' rights and the enhancement of crop biodiversity were the main topics discussed.


2007 LLD3 Halle, Germany

The third forum, Let's Liberate Diversity! held in Halle, Germany, organized jointly by the BUKO Campaign against Biopiracy, IG Saatgut (Network of GMO free seeds) and the European Civic Forum in May 2007. Based on the example of GM wheat trials in the gene bank of Gatersleben near Halle the organizers wished to draw attention to the contamination of gene banks by genetically modified organisms. An important result of this meeting was a step forward in structuring the European Coordination of Farmers' Seeds.


2006 LLD2 Bullas, Spain

The second edition of Let's Liberate Diversity! was held in Bullas, Spain, in the organization of the Red de Semillas "Resembrando y Intercambiando" in October 2006. The main point of discussion on the agenda of this meeting was the bill of the European Directive on conservation varieties. Forum participants asked in a joint letter sent to European Commission seed legislation more adapted to the needs of farmers.

2005 LLD1 Poitiers, France

The first forum Let's Liberate diversity! was organized by the Réseau Semences Paysannes (Peasants' Seed Network) and the National Coordination for the Defense of Farm-Saved Seeds (CNDSF) in November 2005 in Poitiers, France. The 150 participants, farmers and associations have exchanged on the rights of farmers linked to the production, exchange and conservation of seeds. The forum was followed by a strategy session on seeds, GMOs and GMO-free regions in the European Parliament in February 2006.




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