Biodynamic Federation Demeter International


Biodynamic Federation Demeter International
Magnet Ház


Magnet Ház


Oct 28 2022


9:30 am – 11:30 am

Potential deregulation of New GMOs

This workshop is part of of the 11th Let’s Liberate Diversity! Forum!
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What are the implications for the seed sector and what are the possibilities to remain GMO-free?   

Since the publication of its working document in April 2021, the European Commission keeps paving the way to deregulate new GMOs at EU level with the aim to lift the mandatory labelling, safety checks and transparency requirements for the new generation of GMOs.
Such a change in the current GMO legislation would have implications for the whole seed sector and threaten the possibility to remain GMO-free.
To preserve the integrity and diversity of our genetic resources, we will explore and discuss different possibilities during the workshop. 


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