MAPER - Hungarian Permaculture Association


MAPER – Hungarian Permaculture Association

The Hungarian Permaculture Alliance was established in 2006 as the predecessor of the Hungarian Permaculture Association of today. Our primary goal back then was to help build connections among those interested in permaculture in Hungary. We became a formal association in 2016 in order to extend our reach in spreading permaculture. We wanted to introduce permaculture to even more people, and to organize permaculture education in the country. Our work teams cover a wide spectrum of activities, including research, design, and education, as well as managing a club in Budapest. We also continue building relationships with permaculture organizations from other countries.

Magnet Ház


Magnet Ház


Oct 28 2022


9:30 am – 11:30 am

Agrobiodiversity: a burden or relief?

This workshop is part of of the 11th Let’s Liberate Diversity! Forum!
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Practical considerations around how to integrate agrobiodiversity into farming businesses.

Agrobiodiversity is often hard to integrate into farming businesses, as most farmers focus on a few crops for maximal profit and efficiency. While in alternative farming systems such as permaculture, the aim is to maximise biodiversity and also agrobiodiversity. 

The question is how can we fit in agrobiodiversity to market gardening and other profitable farming businesses? What are the cons and pros, practical considerations of farmers (e.g. crop rotation, soil management, irrigation patterns, marketing etc.)? 

We will look into that with the participants together and try to find practical solutions, and tips for farmers. 

The three main topics will be

  • cultivar choice (e.g. modern hybrid vs. traditional varieties)
  • farm management (irrigation, soil management, crop protection etc.)
  • business perspective (marketing, sale opportunities, niche markets etc.)



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