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European Coordination Let's Liberate Diversity! (EC-LLD) is an international, non-profit, Belgium-based organisation created in 2012 with the main challenge to encourage, develop and promote the dynamic management of cultivated biodiversity on farms and gardens. The 12 Members (from 10 countries) share the same concern that our food systems are too uniform, and promoting biodiversity is the key for achieving food sovereignty.

Our history, our goals

Our goal is to bring back diversity in our food systems in a socially and economically sustainable way through the whole food chain. The diversification can be achieved linking the work of different actors involved, supporting and promoting their knowledge and actions associated to cultivated biodiversity. To achieved this Vision, in many years of activity, EC-LLD has found that it is essential to have a platform that promotes the exchange and sharing of experiences/viewpoints/policies, in order to foster local actions and activities. The proposed methodology is a horizontal approach to training and knowledge sharing. In this way there is a horizontal exchange between the different actors who bring their knowledge and share it, going beyond the top-down approach.

The main objectives of EC-LLD are:

- Promotion and development of farmers' seeds on organic and biodynamic farms.

- Exchange and dissemination of knowledge and skills associated with farmers' seed, its use and promotion.

 - Promotion of a legislative framework favourable to the rights of farmers, hobbyists and small seed companies on agricultural biodiversity.

- Experimentation and research.


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The members of EC-LLD are the following organizations:


Membership is open to any organization that shares the values and objectives of the Coordination. 


Vision and Mission


You can download the official statute in English or French.




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