The Network
The Network

Our Vision & Mission

” Is to bring back diversity in our food systems and be an open platform for fruitful space of exchange of knowledge and experiences” 



Vision and Mission

The Members of
EC-LLD are
the following organizations

the Scottish Crofting Federation (Scotland)

Pro Specie Rara (Switzerland)

Réseau Semences Paysannes (France)

BEDE (France)

Red de Semillas “ Resembrando e Intercambiando” (Spain)

Centro Internazionale Crocevia – CIC (Italy)

Rete Semi Rurali (Italy)

Dachverband Kulturpflanzen- und Nutztiervielfalt e. V. Dachverband (Germany)

SEED (Luxembourg)

Aegilops (Greece)

RMRM – Réseau Meuse-Rhin-Moselle (Belgium)

Irish Seed Savers Association (Ireland)