Seed Marketing Directives

Study kicks off at the end of June 2020 as consultancy is chosen The consultancy that will do the background work for the study requested by Member States to the European Commission on the options to reform the seeds marketing rules has
been chosen by the European Commission (DG SANTE, Plant Health Unit).

The international consultancy company (which is not specialised on seed matters) will gather data and consult stakeholders likely at the end of June 2020. The publication of the study is expected during the first quarter of 2021. It will be followed by an impact assessment to be drafted by DG SANTE officials. The European Commission has already informally signalled that the reform process will not be a complete systemic overhaul, and is likely to be more targeted than the 2013 exercise.
As mentioned before, organisations should get in touch with their national authorities, coordinate their actions, and prepare informative background documents highlighting the problems encountered in current seed marketing rules, supported by facts and figures (especially with regards to the registration of conservation and “amateur” varieties, testing protocols, definitions in the legislation, and also with regards to the sale of seeds to final non-professional users).