MODULE 2A: Introduction to European Law & Institutions

MODULE 2A: Introduction to European Law & Institutions

Fulya Batur

Training, Advocacy & Legal Affairs Kybele SRL (Seeds & Biodiversity)

Course features

Lectures : 1

Language : English, French

Skill level : Beginner

Language : English, French

Assessments : Integrated Polling

Module objectives

As the competences of the European Union have considerably grown with time, most of the legislative decisions that have an impact on crop biodiversity initiatives are discussed, negotiated, and taken in Brussels. The webinar aims to give a better understanding of the European Union decision-making process, by identifying the different institutions and discussing the separation of powers in the EU. Highlighting the different legislative procedures and the instruments that result from them, the webinar puts these principles and procedures in the context of crop biodiversity. 

Competences gained through this module

  • Knowledge of European institutions their role in decision-making, and the dynamics between them;
  • Knowledge of different legal instruments and the hierarchy of norms in the European Union;
  • Ability to understand the stages of EU law-making and identify the right interlocutor in potential advocacy efforts.