MODULE 1F: Access and Benefit-sharing 

MODULE 1F: Access and Benefit-sharing 

Fulya Batur

Training, Advocacy & Legal Affairs Kybele SRL (Seeds & Biodiversity)

Course features

Lectures : 1

Language : English

Skill level : Beginner

Language : English

Assessments : Self

December 9, 2020

Module objectives

The conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity are both enshrined in international environmental law. With regards to genetic resources, these principles translate into rules that govern the access to these resources, and the sharing of the benefits arising from their use. A longstanding contentious issue, where the recognition of collective rights over resources, such as indigenous or traditional knowledge, but also farmers’ rights, have been put against industrial interests around the use and appropriation of resources through research and product development, access and benefit sharing rules are complex and impact crop biodiversity initiatives very differently. The webinar will inform on the existing international framework (whether the ITPGRFA or the CBD), but also discuss the actions that can be taken to raise awareness about these rules in the movement, and also implement them. Participants will discuss actions that can be taken against misappropriation of resources (including setting terms of use), and the upcoming ECLLD Guide for Community Seed Banks. 

Competences gained through this module

  • Knowledge of the international framework on access and benefit-sharing, the different instruments, their content and the interlinkages between them
  • Understanding the notion and threat of misappropriation and discussing options to prevent it at a practical level