MODULE 1E: Intellectual Property Rights 

MODULE 1E: Intellectual Property Rights 

Fulya Batur

Training, Advocacy & Legal Affairs Kybele SRL (Seeds & Biodiversity)

Course features

Lectures : 1

Language : English

Skill level : Beginner

Language : English

Assessments : Self

December 1, 2020

Module objectives

Intellectual property rights (“IPR”) are tools given by public authorities that give exclusive rights to use an innovation, creation, name or product. Granted in order to foster innovation and creativity, these rights are double-edged swords : while some titles may prove extremely detrimental to local seed systems and crop biodiversity actors, others may provide interesting opportunities. The webinar will go through all existing titles in EU law to foster discussions on opportunities and challenges posed by each category of protection, from patents Plant Variety Protection, Copyright, Trademarks & Geographical Indications. 

Competences gained through this module

  • Knowledge of the different types of intellectual property rights that exist in the EU, and the purposes of each of them
  • Understanding the threats and opportunities created by the different types of IPR
  • Ability to critically assess the implications of different ongoing processes with regards to IPR