MODULE 1C: Business Models

MODULE 1C: Business Models

Fulya Batur

Training, Advocacy & Legal Affairs Kybele SRL (Seeds & Biodiversity)

Course features

Lectures : 1

Language : English, French

Skill level : Beginner

Language : English, French

Assessments : Self

Module objectives

Having gained knowledge on the general legislative framework governing the marketing of seeds through past webinars, the participants will be able to put the implementation of these rules in different concrete situations, building on examples from the EC LLD Network. Through presentations of different successful seed marketing, conservation and dynamic management strategies, participants will discuss the opportunities & drawbacks of each “model”.

Competences gained through this module

  • Knowledge of different examples of successful management and marketing of crop biodiversity 
  • Ability to critically assess the opportunities and drawbacks of these models and get inspired to create different value chains in their local realities